The Art of Home Hygiene: 4 Steps to Building Your Vibration Station for Health & Wealth

The home design practice of feng shui centers around making spaces that remind us that we’re awesome, no matter what we think in that particular moment. The art of of feng shui is a specific practice that dates back over 3,000 years to the Han dynasty (and may even have roots in the Neolithic era) when emperors used the natural elements as guiding forces - “feng” meaning wind and “shui” meaning water. Coincidentally, air and water are two essentials the human body needs, and this practice is said to bring good health and fortune.

Around the world, people practice few other home space energy practices similar to feng shui such as minimalism, Indian Vastu, Japanse Zen and Danish Hygge. You can get deep into feng shui, but we’re going to focus on the similarities that connect these home hygiene practices as one and boil it down to a few practical elements with an original twist!


Before you dive in, think about what you want, what inspires you, what you’re good at, what makes you smile. You can make a vision board to guide your process. The vision board is a tool you make that includes all of the experiences, things, emotions and goals that you want to experience. Usually it’s a handmade visual piece of “art,” like a drawing or collage, but a written mission statement or affirmation works as well. The act of personally creating something helps you get started on the process of manifesting your vision from just an idea into in the real world - learn from Tony Robbins about the power of visualization. The point of this step is to create a reminder that anchors you to your end goal - i.e. your clean space/happy home that’s a haven for health and wealth.


In general, you can call this decluttering step “the fine art of deciding what actually matters.” Marie Kondo wrote this veritable bible of decluttering, about how to purge with purpose, for many this results in loads of goods going to charity, a garage sale/craigslist or family gifting. The non-daily essentials that you “use on special occasions or at a later date” go into storage, and you keep the rest of the good stuff for the next step, the fun part.

Most people find this step emotionally challenging, and have trouble initially reaching a transformative breakthough of your living space. This emotional resistance is normal, and a part of the process of letting go. To encourage you, it’s said that “for every thing you let go of, you receive ten times as much in good fortune.” It’s worth experiencing the radical shift that “cleaning house” can have on your emotions, health, relationships and finances.

Storage is a real skill - the art of putting things away/in their home. Two strategies to freeing yourself from the bondage of material stuff is to not think about it or use a system that transcends itself (the paradoxical no-system system). The latter just means that you’ve created a process so good that once in place, it’s rules are easy to remember and self-evident and are therefore naturally reinforced. To keep your space inviting and useful, just remember HICCUP! (Home-Intention-Clean-Clear-Unfold-Plants):

  1. HOME: Every item has a Home (put stuff in its home daily).

  2. INTENTION: Use your space with Intention and make it yours.

  3. CLEAN & CLEAR: Clean flat surfaces (counter spaces and floors) so they are Clear and empty, except for essentials. If you need it out in the open, leave it (i.e. some tools/appliances). Otherwise put it in a drawer, closet or other storage container. Once you reduce physical clutter, you can reduce visual clutter, and this can help reduce mental clutter.

  4. UNFOLD: Unfold like a flower blossom in your space, it feels safe.

  5. PLANTS: Plants, personal photos and handmade art can be the decorative exception to this minimalism trend - you can have as much as you like. For best results, arrange it paying attention to the above points. Note: plants make oxygen, improve productivity and some plants like snake plants and palms also purify the air just as well as air filters.

HICCUP your way along as you transition to the next step.


Step Three involves arranging the stuff that matters in a way that flows like “wind and water.” You want your space to be warm, well-lit and inviting, and inspire you to serve your purpose. You can make this happen by placing big items like furniture and desks to face entry ways/doors and leaving plenty of open space. Also, when used right, darker spaces feel smaller (cozy) and lighter spaces feel bigger (spacious).

You can use color combinations and the natural elements (literal or representations) of not only water and wind, but also earth, metal and fire, to create emotional energies to fill each room - i.e. a romantic/restful bedroom, a social living room/kitchen, a productive/abundant office. This could mean candles (fire), a painting of the ocean (water), a plant (earth), a mirror (metal), window/open space (wind).

In the modern world, mass-produced plastic stuff and Ikea furniture are in excess, and you can do something different. Thrifting for furniture and big items (Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace/consignment stores) can result in finding treasure troves with a reduced price tag. You can also send out a social media post asking people for help with designing your space and any specific requests you have. The more you replace machine-fabricated items with handmade/natural items, the more homey your space will feel.

That said, the following list includes functional low-tech items, though you will find nifty health devices (blender, oil diffuser, sleep tracker, etc.) for enhancing your life and the feeling of your space.

As you can now see, the process here is to go narrow first by decluttering, then going broad by seeing lots of available options inspired by the following list, then going narrow again to hone in on how you would like to use your space.

You can use the following list to invite more energy into your space. These are useful tools for a high-vibration space that amplifies your work, relaxation, nutrition, fitness, meditation and sleep - each organized by a purpose which corresponds to a given space. This list is pregnant with web links, prepare yourself.

Bedroom/Meditation Space

  • FRESH AIR, this is important everywhere, especially where you breathe and sleep

  • Mindfold Relaxation Mask - For meditation, planes and bright bedrooms (to get a basic background in how to start meditation and go deep from the beginning, you can read our post and try the Headspace app).

  • Flower of Life Wooden Box - For holding valuables such as magical amulets (in general, sacred geometry in various forms of visual art can be used at any focal point in a room (above/on doors, on your fridge, on your computer/phone) to ground energy and direct it to centers of higher consciousness, it’s an ancient trick seen in temples and cultures across the world).

  • Orgone - You can place this somewhere discreet, it helps transform energy for meditation and induces vivid dreaming and protects you from EMFs from your phone/WiFi, and like sacred geometry, it’s an ancient practice dating back millennia to Egypt. (Learn about where you can put orgone).

  • HeartMath Trainer - Biofeedback device designed at Stanford for training emotions into peaceful “coherence”.

  • Earthpulse PEMF - Magnetic cell recovery device originally designed for astronauts by NASA to accelerate bone growth in space.

  • Oura Ring - Waterproof, smallest and most accurate heart rate, activity and sleep tracker.

  • Salt Lamp - These release ions and a warm glow.

  • HEPA Air Filter - This is more important if you live in a city, and again, snake plants and palms also purify the air just as well as air filters.

  • Sage & Palo Santo - It seems ironic to burn something in a room with an air filter, but these are sacred plants that people have used for thousands of years to purify the energy in a space.

  • Head Massage Tingler - To get the full effect, you have to have someone else do it to you.

  • Mandala Tapestry - You can also make your own with a bedsheet and tie dye kit.

  • Amethyst - Universal crystal for positive energy, emotions, health and abundance.

  • Beeswax Candles - Eco-friendly, no odor or smoke, and last longer than other wax.

  • 528 Hz Tuning Fork - Sound therapy for harmonizing your space and centering your emotions (durable, fits in a pocket).

  • 432 Hz Crystal Bowl - Sound therapy for harmonizing your space and centering your emotions (durable, fits in a bag).

  • Singing Bowl - Sound therapy for harmonizing your space and centering your emotions (fragile, fits in a bag).

  • Essential Oil Diffuser - For essential oils of course! these can make your whole room smell like oranges. fun fact, the sense of smell is processed differently than all the other senses - smell is directly connected to the amygdala, our deep emotional and memory center.

  • Towel Sarong Scarf - Sarongs come in handy, you can always just wear it around your neck or keep it in a bag, and lay it on the ground somewhere groovy to create an on-the-go yoga and meditation space.

  • Simple Walking/Running Shoes - Light enough to explore in and classy enough for dinner (5,000 mile warranty).





  • Bicycle - So you can drive less and get more fresh air. To make a stationary setup, use one of these bike trainer attachments.

  • Therabulb Infrared Sauna - You can set up a few of these heat bulbs (3 of them is enough to cover the spine) with light clamps and mount them to a wall/fixture, the near-infrared light frequency is safe for the body (just don’t look at these lights unless you have IR goggles on and stay at least 6-8” away as they do get hot) and helps with muscle relaxation and detox.

  • Acupressure Mat - Lay on this for a prickly to relieve tension.

  • Chi Machine Leg Swing - An otherworldly sensation of energy circulation that soothes muscle tension especially in the lower back.

  • Wooden Foot Massage Roller - Or the electric shiatsu version.

  • TENS Muscle Stimulator - Zap your way to wellness - FDA-approved electro-stim Class 2 Medical devices deliver low levels of electricity through sticky pads on the skin to improve circulation to muscles.

  • Yoga Hammock - Super compact and strong 2-person hammock, try hanging both ends together on a beam/branch/high rope and then hanging upside-down aerial yoga style for spinal decompression (you can hang with paracord).

  • Yoga Mat - You don’t need a yoga mat to do yoga, but it helps. And this ones eco-friendly.

  • Balance Board - These are harder than they look - great training for general stability and board sports like skating, surfing and snowboarding.

  • Anti-Burst Yoga Ball - Great stability tool, ultimate level would be standing on it while doing squats, or a one-handed handstand on it. You can bury this 3/4 in sand to practice flips. Also fun to try to juggle like a soccer ball. When you’re done with shenanigans, backbends on this feel amazing and energize your spine. Less interesting, you can also use this as a chair.

  • Light-Up Frisbee - If you have one for each person you have, you can play a very intense game of catch.

  • Kettlebell - Simple, total-body, ergonomic weight training tool in varying weights.

  • Lacrosse Ball - A small, portable option for precision massaging tight spots (works well for feet).

  • Foam Roller - One of the simplest, most effective self-massage tools (other than your own body), you can opt for a saucy one that vibrates.

Digital Space

  • It’s helps to use your screens mindfully, use screen trackers, ad blockers, and newsfeed eradicator apps/extensions to detox your digital world.

  • Diary+Habit Tracking (gratitude/emotions/energy levels/fitness/food) via a journal, a tracking app or Google Sheets.

  • NuMundo - Yoga and permaculture retreat ecovillage network.

  • WWOOF - To see the world through the eyes of friendly organic farmers.

  • Headspace Meditation App - For a guided introduction to learning how to meditate.

  • Altered States App - Binaural beats to resonate your brain waves.

  • - Sign petitions that matter to you.

  • Elephant Journal - Mindfulness articles for all aspects of life.

  • Yoga Journal - All about yoga, videos.

  • Breaking Muscle - Top-rated fitness blog.

  • Green Med Info - Research database covering natural holistic medicine remedies and therapies.

  • MAPS - To learn about current medical research with classic psychedelics.

  • Make: - For help with DIY projects from shelving to spaceships.


  • Sunlight - Somewhere you can sit, lay, move around and soak it up.

  • Red Door - It’s big thing in feng shui to have your front door be red, but if you want to be different and make it purple that’s cool.

  • Plants/Trees/Garden - Keep it fresh, swap the lawn for veggie boxes/rows so you can grow some herbs for cooking while you’re at it.

  • Zen Rock Stacks - These are trendy and free.

  • Tibetan Prayer Flags - Each color of the flags represents Wisdom, Long Life, Fortune and Good Health.

  • Animals - Ok animals can come inside too.

So there you have it. Your space is ready for transformation, all it needs is you. Now we come to our last point.


Invite your friends over and have a party, or dinner, or dance naked by yourself in the dark, or just lay on the floor in wonder. Remember it’s all a work in progress, enjoy the ride.

Yes, it feels good to have completion on a goal, and even so you can almost always find something more to do. Just appreciate the whole process, and each little bit of it and the state that you find yourself in, because this is not for anyone else, it’s for you.

You are mirroring your outside world with your inside world, whatever that looks like, and getting better at bringing those two together one day at a time.

You are ready. Every journey starts with taking a first step.

(And when you head out from your now super-fresh home base to embark on adventure, you can use our Ultralight Travel Checklist.)


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