The Art of World Travel: Ultralight Travel Checklist


The Buddha and his followers traveled with their robes, a needle to mend them, a razor to shave, and a bowl for food. The real bare necessities!

Now in this world of stuff, we’re starting to recall this yearning for less baggage combined with the drive for functional adventure. You can get by with surprisingly little and have a great time.

This is a minimal list for minimalists. You can apply this strategy to daily life, so that you focus on the bare necessities for enjoying life beyond survival, while recognizing that the stuff you have only has value in it’s inherent ability to serve a function for you.

In this way, the stuff you have becomes more precious and actually takes on a higher personal value. Yes it’s important to connect with our stuff just as mindfully as we connect with our bodies and breath in yoga and each other in our relationships.

But it’s not about the pants that you wear, it’s about the people you share time with and the experiences that turn into fond memories. That’s what you remember! The goal of this list is to make the material part of life seamless so that you can stay on the adventure, and go longer, deeper, further with less distraction and more flow.

This is by no means a prep guide, these are just a few fashionably ultralight products and nifty services that go above and beyond - you want to customize your pack list for your trip (note the clothing section is already geared towards guys). This can give some insight into basic items - clothes, food, water, shelter, *electronics* - that we humans use on a daily basis. You won’t find phones, cameras and laptops on this list (because odds are you have them), but solar lamps are pretty handy.

Yes these are affiliate links for excellent products. In the spirit of sustainability and conservation, if you already have something, use that. You can also find used/thrift/refurbished items. These companies listed have a high ethos for how to produce quality goods that reduce impact on the planet and support working conditions. Reduce, refuse, recycle.

You can apply the above principles to streamline your daily life, but that’s a topic for another time. Bottom line: create a life that matters to you and make use of the materials that help you live that life with purpose.

Without further ado, let’s get into this world travel packing checklist.


ExOfficio Underwear - durable, antibacterial, and quick drying, their slogan goes, “17 countries. 6 weeks. and one pair of underwear.” you’ll appreciate a second pair!

Darn Tough Merino Wool Socks - super soft, warm and supportive (lifetime warranty)

Coolibar UPF 50+ Longsleeve - breathable lightweight sun protection

prAna Brion Pant - stretchy, warm and breathable, best pants bar-none

Merino Wool Baselayer Leggings + Baselayer Longsleeve - if it’s cold, this is a lightweight option

Dress Shirt - keep it in a folder so it stays wrinkle-free

Columbia Rain Jacket - compact and waterproof

Xero Z-Trek Sandal - simple and lightweight, great for sweaty places (5000 mile warranty)

Xero Prio Running/Dress Shoe - light enough to explore in and classy enough for dinner (5000 mile warranty)

Stretchy Gym Shorts/Swim Trunks - stretchy and quick dry makes like a breeze, they also can double as boxers

Aqua Sphere Swim Goggles - durable no-fog googles with sleek Italian craftsmanship

Aussie Mesh Hat - A breezy and protective sun hat

Ultralight Towel Sarong Scarf - sarongs come in handy, you can always just wear it around your neck

Travel Umbrella - smaller than a rain jacket

Personal Care

The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal - great for spurring the creative process first thing in the morning

Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush - zero-waste eco brush

Auromere Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste - your teeth feel like they just keep wanting to be brushed with this

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Liquid Soaps - peppermint is intense, like being under a waterfall

Toilet Paper Tablets - not edible no matter how hungry you are, just hydrate and wipe

Philips Electric Shaver - it’s great to shave and go on an early morning stroll at the same time

Coconut Oil - the Swiss Army knife of foods, also works as toothpaste, deodorant, conditioner, massage oil

Organic Aluminum-Free Deodorant - if you don’t feel like using coconut oil

Badger Non-Nano Sunscreen - thick and creamy, it doesn’t wash off, it actually works

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel - if you don’t always use a sarong for towel, these are quite effective

TheraBand Resistance Bands - portable resistance training (squat, deadlift, back/chest-fly, curl)

Lacrosse Ball - for rolling out sore muscles especially the back and feet

Mack’s Earplugs - for planes, sleeping and loud music

Cabeau Neck Pillow - memory foam with 360 degree support

Mindfold Blackout Sleeping Mask - for meditation, planes and curtain-less bedrooms


Organic Tulsi, Turmeric & Ashwagandha Powders - Mixed into a tea for sustainable energy and relaxation (Read this Quick Breakdown of 35 Medicinal Adaptogen Herbs)

Calm Relax Magnesium - good for muscle cramps and sleep

Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil - vegan and keto-friendly, useful for cooking

CBDistillery CBD Oil - The isolate also works, great for muscle relaxation and creative flow

Raw Hemp Seeds - most versatile food ever - protein, omega-3s, zinc, electrolytes, no prep required

Organic Raw Plant Protein - good booster for athletes, chocolate is tasty

Collapsible Tupperware - folds flat and can handle hot things

Bamboo Travel Utensils - light and strong

Leatherman Multitool - handy, just not for planes

Nalgene Water Bottle - classic and indestructible

SteriPen UV Water Purifier - smallest option for water filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter - watch the video of the test person drinking poop water with it


Digital Travel Alarm Clock - because you don’t have to use your phone for everything

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard - connects to phones too

Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones - excellent sound and battery life (sweatproof warranty)

25000mAh Solar Charger - for camping adventures

iFixit Electronics Repair Kit - first aid kit for your electronics

Black Diamond Headlamp - bright and durable with a stretchy headband

LED Solar Lantern - great for camping dinners and tent time

Satellite GPS Messenger - for when you’re off the map

World Travel Power Adapter Kit - universal charging options for most countries


TSA-Approved Lock - these are tiny and strong

Osprey Travel Backpack - a lightweight and well-made option

Running Belt/Fanny Pack - for carrying valuables at your center of gravity on your daily jaunts

Collapsible Day Pack - good size and packs into your pocket

Waterproof Dry Bag - in case your bag gets wet you have dry clothes, doubles as a floatation device

RFID Blocking Neck Wallet + Passport Holder - so you look like a tourist or special agent


EnoDouble Nest Hammock - super compact and strong 2-person hammock packs to size of 2 fists, try hanging both ends together on a beam/branch/high rope and then hanging upside-down aerial yoga style for spinal decompression (you can hang with paracord)

River Country 2.5 lb 2-Person Tent - ultralight tent that packs to football size

Waterproof Compact Sleeping Bag - for warm weather camping or instead of bedsheets

Klymit Sleeping Mat (lifetime warranty) - it’s design keeps you from rolling sideways off of it, packs to size of a fist

Therm-a-Rest Travel Pillow - or roll up your clothes for a pillow

First Aid Kit

Gorilla Duct Tape - holds the universe together, humans too (athletic tape also works)

Gorilla Super Glue - emergency stitches

Band-Aids - for the common quandary

Oregano Oil Capsules - for stomach bugs and fever

Raw Zinc+Vitamin C Capsules - for the common cold

Manuka 16+ Honey - for stomach bugs, cough, burns and wound disinfection


Documents: Passport, Visa, Loyalty Info, ID Card, Credit Card/Cash, Health/Travel Insurance, Tickets/Reservations/Itinerary, Emergency/Important Contacts, Map AND Copies of all this.

WhatsApp - talk/text internationally using cellular data or wi-fi

Google Maps - gold standard for navigation

Paypal - send/receive money by giving someone your email or link

CBIT Visa - streamline the process to get your visa

Scott’s Cheap Flights - daily deals, otherwise use a VPN (virtual private network) to book tickets for best prices

OneBagTravel - common sense tips for traveling light

Vagabonding Resources - concise how-to world travel book by Rolf Potts

Chris Guillebeau – traveled to all countries, shares credit card miles secrets

CDC’s Travel Vaccinations - updates on what to get for each country

CouchSurfing - like AirBnB, but free and more social

NuMundo - yoga and permaculture eco-tourism network

WWOOF - friendly organic farms around the world

EverFest - music festivals around the world

Fluent Forever Resources - language tools to be fluent in 3 months

ClearMe - upload your ID to this site and skip the line at airport security so you can get where you’re going and stay in the zone


In addition to personal experience, this list was inspired by EagleCreek’s travel packing checklist and Tim Ferriss’ “fashionably light” world travel pack list.

If lists help you feel good about the unknown mysteries of the universe, check out our motherlode Resource Library, with artifacts from the deep unexplored vastness of the internet. You’ll find something to read while waiting for your plane - you may discover a retreat center to visit, a new exercise to try, or learn about sacred geometry, zero-point energy and the rules of exponential success.


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