Consciousness Resources (800+ Links)

Here we offer you high-quality curated content to enrich your life and expand your mind. Think of it as the “best of the internet” for each category. Use these resources to educate yourself and discover the history and current applications of health science, peak performance and the mystical experience. Remember this information is no substitute for direct experience, and it’s designed to help you develop your intuition and a greater understanding of life. Don’t hesitate to ask our community any questions that come up for you along the way.



  1. Yoga, Meditation + Ayurveda

  2. Sacred Geometry, Energy + Music

  3. Fitness + Body

  4. Productivity

  5. Food + Nutrition

  6. Immune, Endocrine + Nervous System

  7. Cannabis + Hemp

  8. Psychedelics + Culture

  9. Money + Jobs

  10. Relationships

  11. Sex + Intimacy

  12. Sleep + Lucid Dreaming

  13. Travel + Language Learning

  14. Networks

  15. Apps


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1. Yoga, Meditation+Ayurveda

Find your center and make the most of each delicious moment. Learn about the basic history, philosophy and practice of Eastern mystical traditions and how to make the most of your efforts. The links in this section can help you improve all other areas of your life, so it comes first.

  1. How to Engage In Living Meditation (Dharma)

  2. Experiencing Higher Consciousness

  3. Happiness and Meditation

  4. The Eight Limbs of Yoga

  5. 38 Health Benefits of Yoga

  6. Awaken the Chakras Guided Meditation

  7. Khechari Mudra for Blissful Awakening

  8. Shambhavi Mudra for Opening The Third Eye

  9. Kriya Yoga Introduction

  10. Autobiography of a Yogi - Full Text

  11. Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda

  12. Resources for Finding Meaning & Spirituality After Recovery

  13. On Meditation and Activism in the Modern World

  14. The Social Value of Awe and Wonder

  15. Visualization for Concentration

  16. Mind-Body Wellness Reduces External Healthcare Needs

  17. Free Vedic Astrology Chart Reading

  18. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  19. How the Brain Changes with Meditation

  20. Meditation Improves Memory & Attention

  21. Alan Watts Awakening the Mind Guided Meditation

  22. Sacred Blessing

  23. 200 Key Sanskrit Yoga Terms

  24. How Health Works According to Yoga

  25. 6 Ways to Tell Which Spiritual Teachings are Real

  26. Mediation and Time Management

  27. Self-Realization Guided Meditations

  28. Overcome Obstacles to Meditation

  29. List of Cognitive Biases

  30. Ayurvedic Morning Routine

  31. How to Do a Detox Retreat (Panchakarma) at Home

  32. Global Healing Technique

  33. Personalized Health (Dosha) Test

  34. The Biological Science of Chakras

  35. Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya

  36. 7 Ways to Practice Aparigraha Non-Possessiveness

  37. Increase Focus and Energy with the Root Lock (Mula Bandha)

  38. Ayurvedic Herbs (Medical Uses)

  39. How to Eat like a Yogi (Sattwic)

  40. Spiritual Nutrition and Raw Food (Prana)

  41. 3-Day Fasting Triggers Stem Cells and Immune Restoration

  42. Life Skills to Manage Your Energy (Ojas)

  43. Sacred Geometry of Shapes (Sri Yantra Triangles)

  44. Sacred Geometry of Sound (Sound Temples)

  45. Sacred Geometry of DNA

  46. Introduction to Vipassana Meditation

  47. Introduction to Tai Chi

  48. How to Develop Your Intuition

  49. What It Means to Be an Old Soul

  50. The Science of Human Biophotons (Light Energy)

  51. Measuring Human Biophotons (Light Energy)

  52. The Point of Magnetic Fields in the Body

  53. A Message from the Arcturians (Planetary Evolution)

  54. Sacred Geometry and Fractal Science

  55. The Akashic Records

  56. Society for Psychic Research

  57. 4 Exercises to Increase Intutition

  58. Institute for Functional Medicine

  59. Esalen Video Lending Library

  60. Befriending the Body: Yoga and Autoimmunity

  61. The Nature of Synchronicity - Terence McKenna

  62. The Psychic Readings of Edgar Cayce

  63. 9 Deep Relaxations & Visualizations

  64. Use Your Imagination in Yoga Class

  65. Learn to Lucid Dream

  66. Mystical Herbs for Lucid Dreaming

  67. Protecting Yourself from EMFs (Wifi/Phones)

  68. Tech Wellness (SaferTech)

  69. Meditation in the Modern World (Buddhist Geeks)

  70. Surfing as a Meditation Way of Zen

  71. Om Namah Shivaya Chant

  72. Safe Ayurvedic Detox

  73. Shatkarma 6 Ayurvedic Detox Techniques

  74. Realizing the Human Potential - Aldous Huxley

  75. Altered Traits Meditation Research - Daniel Goleman

  76. Personal Transformation - Daniel Goleman

  77. How to Cleanse Your Chakras According to Avatar Cartoon

  78. Psychic Ability and A Course in Miracles - Russell Targ

  79. Kundalini Tantra Yoga Home Practice

  80. Kriya Yoga Research - Breathing for Health

  81. Dr. Vasant Lad’s Ayurvedic Institute

  82. Mt. Madonna College of Ayurveda

  83. Federation of Vedic Astrologers Society

  84. How to Organize a Yoga Retreat

  85. Dandipani - The Energy Alchemist

  86. Rambhau Swami -The Fire Yogi of Tanjore

  87. Vedic Cosmos Documentary

  88. Sri Anandamayi Ma Documentary

  89. How to Meditate - Ananda

  90. Guided Energization Exercises - Ananda

  91. The New Path - Kriyananda

  92. Energy Rising: A Beginner’s Guide to Sushumna Spinal Column

  93. Spinal Column & the Kundalini - Manly Hall

  94. Merkabah & Mystical Disciplines - Manly Hall

  95. Esoteric Alchemy: Transformation of Self - Manly Hall

  96. Alchemical Medical Astrology: Planetary Correspondence to Chakras & Organs

  97. The Seven Alchemical Principles

  98. Adyashanti - Always Be Chasing Something

  99. Yoganandaji Devotee Forum

  100. Yogananda Affirmations

  101. Yogananda AUM Technique

  102. Yogananda AUM The Cosmic Sound

  103. Yogananda Meditation on AUM Technique

  104. Practices to Activate the Pineal Gland & Open the 3rd Eye

  105. The Purpose of Life - Yogananda

  106. Siddha Yoga Path

  107. Perspective on Blavatsky & The Ascended Masters

  108. Yoga Sutras Lectures - Swami Rama

  109. Tantra Kundalini Kriya Yoga Meditation - Swami Rama

  110. Mandukya Upanishad - Swami Rama

  111. Bhaktivedanta Ashram Yogi Samadhi

  112. Agni Sara Breathing Exercise - Hatha Yoga

  113. Maitriya Bodhi Guru

  114. What Is Brahman - Alan Watts

  115. 5 Sanskrit Words Every Yogi Should Know

  116. The Ultimate Guide to Energy Healing

  117. Ways to Freedom - Effective, Mindful Living

  118. 3 Steps to Form a Yoga Circle

  119. Lucid Dreaming in Tibetan Buddhism

  120. Delta Waves, Meditation & Deep Dreamless Sleep

  121. Unified Field Physics and a New Vision of Reality

  122. India Divine Saints & Gurus

  123. Science of Consciousness

  124. Zen in America Documentary

  125. Christ Consciousness Nervous System Alchemical Biology

  126. Waves of Beauty Waves of Bliss Poem

  127. Wisdom Healing Healing All Causes of Disease

  128. Sadhana: The Realization of Life - Tagore Audiobook

  129. The Upanishads Audiobook

  130. The Dhammapada Audiobook

  131. Wisdom Library (Free Ancient Sacred Texts)

  132. Dalai Lama Breathing Exercises & Meditation

  133. 12 Benefits of Meditation

2. Sacred Geometry, Energy + Music

Everything in the universe is vibration. You can define vibration in a few ways - through math, energy and sound. This section dives into some of the lesser known elements of reality and how to approach life from a the cosmic perspective.

  1. Sirius Disclosure - Quantum Zero Point Energy Technologies

  2. Crystalinks - Sacred Geometry

  3. Crystalinks – Flower of Life

  4. Crystalinks – Metatron's Cube

  5. Peace Mantra Om Shanti

  6. Mind-Expanding Mantras

  7. CIA Archive Project Stargate

  8. Schumman Cavity Earth Resonance

  9. Harmonic Balancing Sound Therapy

  10. How to Make Orgonite Energy Accumulators

  11. Benefits of Orgonite

  12. Dr. Greer ET Disclosure - National Press Club

  13. Dr. Greer Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge Documentary

  14. Instructables - DIY Acoustic Levitation Machine

  15. Perfect Shapes in Higher Dimensions

  16. Drunvalo Melchizedek Living in the Heart

  17. The Aliens Among Us

  18. Project Blue Book - Report on UFOs (US Government CIA Document)

  19. Secret Teachings of All Ages – Pythagorean Theory of Music and Color

  20. Acoustic Anti-Gravity Machine - Levitating Water with Sound

  21. How to Build a Dream Machine

  22. SF Tesla Society Dr. Patrick Flanagan

  23. Sound Alchemy Documentary

  24. The Sacred Geometry of Sound

  25. Anima Mundi World Soul Documentary

  26. Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency & Form

  27. Arc of the Covenant History

  28. Arc of the Covenant: Resonant Technology

  29. Pythagorean Tuning

  30. Platonic Solids

  31. NASA Explore the Solar System

  32. Global Alchemical Texts

  33. Anima Mundi - World Soul

  34. Morphogenetic Field Biology

  35. Zero-Point Energy Demystified

  36. How Orgonite Works

  37. The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich (Orgonite)

  38. Evidence of Orgonite

  39. How to Build an Orgone Accumulator Blanket

  40. Lite the Light Orgone Pyramids

  41. Orgonite Making Supplies

  42. Egypt’s Pyramids as Energy Transformers (Tesla Pyramids)

  43. 9 Tips to Cut Down EMF Exposure

  44. Protecting Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

  45. EMF Home Protection Tips

  46. Wisdom Healing for the World

  47. Raising the Chrism - Neurotheology

  48. Stan Meyers Water-Powered Car

  49. Spirit Science – Flower of Life Documentary

  50. Cymatics Sound Vibration Visualized

  51. A Message to Artists – Terence McKenna

  52. 432hz Theta Binaural Beats

  53. The New Sound of Music – BBC Documentary

  54. Resonant Frequency of the Ark of the Covenant

  55. Music of the Spheres (Our Solar System)

  56. Shamanic Icaros Magical Healing Songs

  57. Sound of Love - Sound Healing Guide

  58. Monroe Institute – Hemi-Sync Sound Therapy

  59. Gayatri Mantra of Enlightenment – Swami Vivekananda

  60. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra – Shiva Mantra

  61. Gyuto Monks Tantric Chanting for World Peace

  62. Wavepaths – Soundscapes with Visual Art Experience

3. Fitness+Body

A fit body helps a fit mind. The saying goes, “you do not control the mind with the mind, you control the mind with the breath.” The practical purpose of fitness is to help you feel confident, happy and able to do your work with plenty of energy. Approaching fitness as a mindbody practice that goes beyond the yoga mat, you can bring flow into all your moves.

  1. How to Use Scientific Evidence in Fitness

  2. Breatheology Breath Training

  3. The Pyramid of Athletic Development

  4. The Ayurvedic Approach to Fitness

  5. Taking Long Walks like Da Vinci, Einstein and Steve Jobs

  6. Strongman Maxick & The Lost Art of Conscious Muscle Control

  7. How to Get Your Glutes to Fire

  8. Correcting Forward Head Posture

  9. Fitness and Nutrition for Mental Wellness

  10. Cultural Squatting Instead of Sitting to Heal Your Spine

  11. Knee Safety for Proper Squatting

  12. Two Natural Ways to Burn Fat (Fasting + Cold Showers)

  13. PEMF Magnetic Therapy for Bone & Tissue Regeneration

  14. Naturally Biohacking Testosterone

  15. Just Dance

  16. Habits to Boost Your Mitochondria

  17. Making Excellence Your Daily Routine

  18. The Five Fitness Benchmarks for Human Survival

  19. The Seven Basic Human Movements

  20. The Nine Essential Free Weight Exercises + Plan

  21. A Simple Guide to Gaining Muscle Mass

  22. The Owner’s Manual to Strong Hamstrings (Runner’s World)

  23. The 5x5 Method (For Building Strength, Not Mass)

  24. Reduce Injury and Increase Strength Using the "Root Lock"

  25. Detailed Specifics on Applying the "Root Lock"

  26. The Art of Zen Shiatsu Massage

  27. Reduce Injury when Running

  28. What It Means When Your Joints Pop

  29. Exercises to Correct Pronated (Flat) Feet

  30. Release Blocks with Feldenkrais Method

  31. Yoga Journal Yoga Teaching Resources

  32. Universal Song Body Healing Tuning Forks

  33. Playground Workouts

  34. Benefits of Jumping, Bouncing and Trampolines

  35. 4 Exercises to Strengthen the Feet & Ankles

  36. US Master’s Swim Group

  37. Kelly Slater’s Morning Routine

  38. Ginastica Natural (Calisthenics)

  39. Foundation Training for Back Pain

  40. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Explained

  41. 3D Detailed Human Anatomy Program

  42. Reset Your Default to Force Adaptation

  43. Developing Hip Flexibility for Full Lotus Pose

  44. How to Increase Hip Stability to Lift Heavy (Activate TFL and IT Band)

  45. How to Squat Better (Correcting the Back Arch)

  46. How to Perform Hanging Leg Lifts for a Strong Core

  47. How to Unlock Your Tight Hips

  48. Horse Stance Kung Fu Top Pose

  49. Brian Kest Power Yoga Video

  50. Rework Your Training Program to Reduce Burnout

  51. How to Heal with Light Ball: Wisdom Healing Chi Gong

  52. Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda

  53. Take the Tapping Test for CNS Health

  54. Fasting for Recovery

  55. What You Need to Know About Fascia (Yoga Journal)

  56. Anatomy Trains Fascia Research

  57. How to Talk to Your Clients About Hormones

  58. Top 5 Ways Fascia Matters for Athletes

  59. Tom Myers Fascia 101

  60. Enter the Kettlebell - Pavel Tsatsouline

  61. Human Biomechanics In-Depth (Breaking Muscle)

  62. Ironman Training in 12 Hours a Week Interview (From Ironman Champion)

  63. Ironman Training in 12 Hours a Week Sample Plan

  64. Shaolin Qigong Workout for Longevity

  65. Medical Benefits of Sauna

  66. The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding

  67. Innersection Surfing with Kelly Slater

  68. Shaolin Kung Fu Qigong Exercises for Longevity

  69. Why Fascia Matters for Athletes

  70. All About Fascia from Anatomy Trains

  71. How to Understand Hormones

  72. The Tapping Test for CNS Health & Optimizing Training Intensity

  73. Energy Light Ball Wisdom Healing Qigong

  74. The Ayurvedic Approach to Fitness

  75. Exercises to Strengthen Feet and Ankles from Barefoot Runners

  76. 12 Monthly Challenges to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

  77. Hatha Yoga Level 1 Video Class

  78. 38 Health Benefits of Yoga

  79. 5Rhythms Dance Movement Arts

  80. Flow Dojo - Flow Genome Project

  81. Anatomy Trains Kinesthetic Spatial Medicine

  82. Spine Health Medical Resource

  83. Yoga Anatomy Education

  84. Solar Yoga Surya Kriya Sadhguru

  85. Agni Sara Yoga Breathing for Internal Fire & Digestion

  86. Fitness Lessons from 10 Years of Training

  87. 25 Spa Treatments You Can Do At Home

  88. FDA Endorses Acupuncture as Medical Treatment

  89. Benefits of Inversion & 7 Ways to Do It

  90. Training to Commune with Deeper Humanity

4. Productivity

It helps to dream big, but that’s not enough, you must take action. Whether you have a vision or just want to save time, this list can help you exponentially improve your work ethic and process for working with your time, energy, resources and other people with the greatest advice from all kinds of experts.

  1. Get Smart and Go On a Nature Walk

  2. TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking

  3. Learn to Stop Consuming and Start Producing

  4. #1 Soft Skill: Time Management & How to Master It

  5. Why Google Employees Are Happy

  6. 4 Steps to Zero Waste Lifestyle

  7. Flow Genome Project Powerhour

  8. Mindful Social Media Practice

  9. How to Use the Most Important Task (MIT) Technique

  10. Naval Ravikant Mental Software Upgrades

  11. James Clear Atomic Habits Summary

  12. Atomic Habits Cheat Sheet Checklist

  13. 109 Mental Models Explained

  14. Lessons from Creating a Kindness Curriculum

  15. Tim Ferriss Minimal Lifestyle: 6 Formulas for More Output & Less Overwhelm

  16. 23 Facts of Workplace Wellness

  17. Biggest Learning Breakthroughs

  18. Setting Up a Flexible Strategy

  19. Defeat Procrastination Once and For All

  20. Vision Board to Manifest Desires

  21. Habit Gardening Smart Strategy

  22. Study Hacks

  23. Your Life in Weeks - Wait But Why

  24. 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

  25. Time, Focus and the Creative Life

  26. Pareto Principle (The 80/20 Rule)

  27. One Life Hack from a Self-Made Billionaire for Exponential Success

  28. How to Become Mentally Strong

  29. How to Decompress after High Stress

  30. The Dalai Lama's Daily Routine and Information Diet

  31. Busyness Is a Kind of Debt

  32. How to Hack Your Flow State

  33. Taking Intelligent Risks with Broad Focus

  34. How to Let Go When You Feel Like a Control Freak

  35. A Game to Increase Your Short-Term Memory

  36. Creating Resilient Teams

  37. Learn to Visualize Your Thoughts with Mindmaps

  38. How to Learn a Language in Three Months

  39. The Ancient Art of Building Memory Palaces

  40. Be More Productive with Task Automation

  41. 10 Ways to Share Your Work and Get Discovered

  42. Processing and Planning Your Vision

  43. Reduce Screen Time to Protect Your Brain

  44. Use Bright Natural Light For Focus

  45. Safeguard Yourself from Procrastination

  46. Eliminate Interruptions to Increase Performance Episodes

  47. Resist Urgent Tasks and Focus on Importance

  48. How to Get Up Early

  49. Hacking Creativity with Multiple Perspectives

  50. Give Your Memory a Tune-Up

  51. How to Set Goals that Work

  52. 100 Blocks a Day (Time Experiment)

  53. Taking Initiative (The Key to Success)

  54. How to Move Through Fear

  55. The Compound Effect of Consistent Effort

  56. Making Habits Stick

  57. 30 Points for Accelerated Learning

  58. Creating Motivation for Long-Term Commitments

  59. Engineering Habit Change

  60. Productivity In-Depth (4 Hour Work Week)

  61. Daily Updates in Science Research in Performance (Ergo-Log)

  62. Practices for Mastering Discipline

5. Food+Nutrition

You are what you eat, or perhaps more accurately, you are what does not come out the other end. To make the most of your health, nutrition is vital. Since food is like religion for most of us, it helps to be open and tolerant to others beliefs and see what we can learn. In the words of Michael Pollan, “eat real food, mostly plants, not too much.” And remember to bless your food, it tastes better that way.

  1. Eating Organic on a Budget

  2. Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

  3. Local Harvest (Organic Farmers Markets/CSAs)

  4. Organic Seed Alliance

  5. Secret Life of Plants Documentary

  6. Dirt! Soul Soil Documentary

  7. The Light Generation Breatharian Documentary

  8. Resources for Starting a Permaculture Garden

  9. Grow Ayurvedic Herb Seeds

  10. Acid-Alkaline Food Chart

  11. Make Alkaline Water at Home

  12. Recipe Nutrition Calculator

  13. Oh She Glows Vegan Recipes

  14. Simple Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Foods

  15. Chi & Food: How to Eat Energetic Healing Foods

  16. Arnold Ehret Mucusless Diet Healing System & Rational Fasting

  17. The Angel Diet: Foods That Raise Your Vibration

  18. 7 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat

  19. How to Get the Most Nutrients From Your Foods (Food Prep and Combinations)

  20. The Story of Dirt and How It Makes Our Food (Heart and Soil)

  21. Probiotics for Children with Autism

  22. Dr. Vandana Shiva - Navdanya Organic Advocacy

  23. Basics of Organic Gardening

  24. World's Healthiest Foods (With Detailed Nutrients)

  25. Plant-Based Protein Chart

  26. Benefits of Lemon Water

  27. Food Allergy Pyramid (Based on Blood Type)

  28. Open Your Third Eye and Detox Your Body

  29. Sacred Plants Herbal Astrology

  30. Evolutionary Herbalism: Medical Astrology

  31. Plant-Based: Paleo According to Evolutionary Biology

  32. The Science of Restoring Mitochondria to Reverse Disease (Whole Food/Alkaline/Ketogenic Diet+Oxygen Therapy)

  33. Healing Arthritis with Boron

  34. Gerson Therapy for Chronic Illness

  35. The Specifics of Mastering Nutritional Ketosis

  36. Troubleshooting: Cholesterol, Energy Levels and Nutritional Ketosis

  37. How to Do a Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

  38. The Cholesterol Myth Debugged

  39. Getting Resistant Starch from Whole Foods (Green Bananas)

  40. Remove High-Lectin Foods for Immune Health (For Leaky Gut)

  41. Understanding Phytic Acid (For Leaky Gut)

  42. The Science of Sprouting Nutrition

  43. Up Your Antioxidants with Glutathione Foods

  44. Food Combining for Iron Absorption (Add Vitamin C)

  45. Nutrigenomics: The Gene-Food Interface (White Paper)

  46. The Environmental Effect of What You Eat (White Paper)

  47. The Science of "Breatharians" (People Who Don't Need Food)

  48. Sun Gazing for Energy and Healing

  49. Autophagy: The True Detox Exercise (Fasting)

  50. Common Edible Wild Plants

  51. Herbal Adaptogens List (For Stress Relief)

  52. Research Shows Turmeric Is As Effective As 14 Prescription Drugs

  53. Medical Uses of Herbs

  54. Mountain Rose Herbs (Organic, Bulk Deals)

  55. Human Biochemistry In-Depth (Found My Fitness)

  56. Organic Food Delivery for $3 (Brandless)

  57. 11 Herbs for Focus & Clarity

  58. Dr. Michael Greger @ NutritionFacts

  59. Nutritional Benefits of Hemp Seeds

  60. 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleansing

  61. 3 Big Myths About Modern Agriculture

  62. Science Behind Optimal Metabolism for Longevity

  63. 7 Ways to Beat Candida

  64. 34 Lessons from 10,000 Body Transformations

  65. The Difference Between Raw Cacao and Roasted Cocoa

  66. 9 Benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil for Immunity

  67. Meal Planning for Busy People

  68. Mugwort for Dreams, Joints and Digestion

  69. Grow a Garden with SeedSavers Organic Heirloom Seeds

  70. Fiber-Rich Foods to Reduce Inflammation

  71. Top 10 Foods High in Zinc

  72. Army Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants

  73. Benefits of Eating Dirt (in Trace Amounts)

  74. The Art of Intuitive Eating: What Food Cravings Tell You

  75. 16 Ways to Boost Your Testosterone

  76. Body pH & 7 Most Alkaline Foods

  77. Make a Difference on a Small Planet

6. Immune, Endocrine + Nervous System

There’s a lot that happens in our body without us having think about. We go about our day as our nerves tell DNA how to form the body. And yet, we can assist this process, especially when something goes haywire. This section approaches body systems from a holistic approach for healing.

  1. Fasting to Heal Autoimmunity

  2. Guide to Reversing Thyroid Symptoms

  3. Mechanisms to Reduce Thyroid Antibodies

  4. Treating Thyroid Naturally

  5. SENS Longevity Research

  6. Cruciferous Veggies and Thyroid (You Can Eat Them, Especially Broccoli Sprouts)

  7. Immunomodulating (Autoimmune) Herbs

  8. Fasting to Reverse Autoimmune Conditions

  9. Glutathione Recycling for Healing Autoimmune

  10. Stem Cell Therapy for Thyroid

  11. Thyroid (Lymph Drainage) Self-Massage

  12. Effects of Sugar on Hormones

  13. Reverse Thyroid Autoimmune (Hashimoto's Case Study)

  14. Immune Balancing for Autoimmune Thyroid

  15. Brazil Nuts (Selenium) for Thyroid Hormone (T4/T3) Conversion

  16. Heal Your Gut to Reverse Autoimmune Conditions

  17. Nutritional Ketosis and Vitamin C Therapy for Thyroid

  18. Thyroid According to Ayurveda

  19. Yoga for Thyroid

  20. Thyroid Balancing with Yoga in Detail (Yoga International)

  21. Thyroid According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (White Paper)

  22. Herbal Botanicals for Thyroid (White Paper)

  23. Cannabis Therapy for Autoimmunity+Thyroid

7. Cannabis + Hemp

Cannabis, otherwise known as hemp or marijuana, has a history as old as recorded civilization. For roughly 3,000 years until the late 1800s, cannabis was the world’s most cultivated agricultural crop used for food, sails, clothes, building materials, fuel, paper, and medicine. We can enact a global paradigm shift through the proper use of this one plant.

  1. Jack Herer The Emperor Wears No Clothes Book

  2. History of Cannabis (Marijuana) in India

  3. 478 Research Articles on Benefits and Applications of Cannabis

  4. Finding Your Proper Cannabis Dosage (Personalized Medicine)

  5. How to Grow Your Own Medical Cannabis

  6. Cannabis in the Body (Endocannabinoid System)

  7. Cannabis Therapy (CBD) for 53 Medical Conditions

  8. Types of Cannabis Therapy

  9. Nutritional Benefits of Raw Cannabis

  10. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Explained & Recipe

  11. For Rastas, Eating Pure Food from the Earth is a Sacred Duty

  12. Cannabis Massage Lotion (Topicals) Does Not Enter the Blood Stream

  13. Cannabis Misconceptions

  14. It's Just A Plant: A Short Story

  15. Reddit CBD Thread

  16. Buy Pure CBD CBDistillery

  17. CBD Benefits for Mood, Immunity and Relaxation

  18. CBD User’s Manual

  19. CBD Beginner’s Guide

  20. Tips for Growing Industrial Hemp

  21. Guide to Pruning Cannabis Plants for Optimum Yield

  22. Jack Herer Legalization Biography Documentary

  23. Jorge Cervantes - The Indoor/Outdoor Grow Guide

  24. Ed Rosenthal - Marijuana Grower’s Guide

  25. Hemp for Victory (US Government Film)

  26. Confident Cannabis Analytics

  27. NORML Cannabis Laws

8. Psychedelics+Culture

We are at the end of one era, poised at the precipice of the next. Our goal is to cross this gap between the ages and build a bridge into the unknown greatness that awaits us in the next phase of evolution. The world is on fire with an existential crisis seen in energy, public health, population, the environment, the monetary system, government and religion - as what were once cultural norms no longer hold up to the test of our collective awareness. Let’s explore psychedelics.

  1. All About Shamanism - Terence McKenna

  2. Psychedelic Education As Tools for Wonder & Awe

  3. Set & Setting for Psychedelics

  4. How to Become a Psychedelic Therapist

  5. The Undiscovered Self & Archetypes - Carl Jung

  6. IONS - Noetic Sciences Explained

  7. How to Produce DMT Naturally

  8. Ram Dass Gives Maharaji the “Yogi Medicine”

  9. Natural Science & The Mystical Worldview

  10. Crystalinks - Holographic Universe Simulation Hypothesis

  11. The Hyperbolic Geometry of DMT Experiences

  12. Fasting to Prepare for Your Vision Quest

  13. Tough Lessons Learned from Ayahuasca

  14. Benefits of Microdosing with LSD and Psilocybin

  15. Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Research

  16. New York Times Psilocybin as Medicine

  17. DMT: The Spirit Molecule Documentary

  18. The Essential Guide to Psilocybin Mushrooms

  19. Erowid Dosage Chart

  20. DMT Safety Guide: Reducing Harm Through Education

  21. Tryptamines I Have Known And Loved (TIKHAL) Erowid

  22. Psilocybin Mushrooms Erowid

  23. Council on Spiritual Practices (CSP) Psilocybin Research

  24. Reddit Microdosing Thread

  25. Changa Shamanic Herb Blend

  26. How Our Brains Produce DMT

  27. Psychic & Mystic Experiences of Aborigines

  28. Heart-Centered Consciousness Dreamtime Aborigines

  29. Carl Jung Psychology & The Psychedelic Experience

  30. The Essential Guide to Ibogaine - Third Wave

  31. The Essential Guide to DMT - Third Wave

  32. The Essential Guide to Mescaline - Third Wave

  33. The Essential Guide to Microdosing LSD - Third Wave

  34. The Essential Guide to Microdosing Mushrooms - Third Wave

  35. Tim Ferriss & James Fadiman on Microdosing & Psychedelic Therapy

  36. Dick Price, Esalen Founder, on Psychosis & Shamanism

  37. Psychedelics: A Service Industry

  38. Holotropic Breathwork with Dr. Stan Grof

  39. Birth of LSD with Dr. Stan Grof

  40. LSD Originally Made for Migraine Headaches

  41. Michael Pollan Magic Mushrooms LSD Can Help Solve Mental Health

  42. A Review of Studies on Psychedelics for Mental Healthcare

  43. Early Research on DMT from 1956

  44. 5 Steps to Have the Best DMT Experience

  45. A Book About Dimitri

  46. Vilca: Ancient Amazonian Entheogen

  47. On Being Stoned: A Psychological Study Book

  48. Salema Porgy: A Hallucinogenic Fish for Ancient Romans

  49. Introduction to Psychedelic Healing

  50. Stealing Fire 1 Jamie Wheal & Aubrey Marcus

  51. Stealing Fire 2 Jamie Wheal & Ben Greenfield

  52. The 100th Monkey: Psychic Phenomena in Monkeys

  53. Psychedelic First Aid

  54. BlueLight Psychedelic Forums

  55. My Favorite Mysteries - Terence McKenna

  56. Ayahuasca for Personal Transformation

  57. Kaneh Bosm: Cannabis in the Old Testament

  58. Embracing Chaos as the Mother of Form

  59. Celebrating 75 Years of LSD Research

  60. 5 Myths About Psychedelics

  61. Safe Substance Test Kits

  62. Ormus, The Philosopher’s Stone & Alchemical Gold

  63. History, Effects and Uses of Psilocybin

  64. Replacing Antidepressants with Psychedelics

  65. Psychedelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines

  66. Why Many Psychedelics Are Currently Illegal

  67. Psychedelics & Your Fitness Routine

  68. Psychedelics Reduce Fear of Death

  69. A Skeptic's Guide to Psychedelics

  70. Inside LSD Documentary

  71. Transforming the Self Psychology & Alchemy - Carl Jung

  72. Carl Jung & The Psychic Archetypes

  73. The Elusynian Mysteries - Terence McKenna

  74. The World Could Be Anything - Terence McKenna

  75. Magic & The Hermetic Tradition - Terence McKenna

  76. Global Initiative on Drug Policy Reform (Beckley/Oxford)

  77. Erowid Library of Spiritual Psychedelics (Entheogens)

  78. Infinite Zooming Art (Arkadia)

  79. Sacred Rosicrucian Texts

  80. Man & His Symbols - Carl Jung

  81. Modern Man in Search of a Soul - Carl Jung

  82. Compass Mental Health Psychedelic Therapy

  83. CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapy & Research

  84. CIIS Cerification in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

  85. Stanford Cognitive & Systems Neuroscience Lab

  86. BlueLight Psychedelic Forum

  87. The Psychedelic Beginnings of Yoga

  88. Thrive Movement Resources

  89. Gaia Consciousness Videos

  90. Alan Watts Audio Archive

  91. Mindshift Top Free Online Course

  92. 13 Month Mayan Lunar Calendar Tutorial (The Law of Time)

9. Money+Jobs

Money is utility, and it is one of the more useful fictions that humans have created. By approaching money as spiritual energy, we can develop a healthy relationship to it so that it enhances our lives, relationships and the health of the planet. By allowing money to serve us, rather than the other way around, we can build better systems and personal processes for trading value with money.

  1. A Guide to Financial Literacy

  2. Leap (AI-Powered Job Search)

  3. Indeed Job Search

  4. ListenMoneyMatters Free Financial Education

  5. LinkedIn Resume Builder

  6. How Blockchain Works (Guides)

  7. Play Games to Find a Job Match

  8. Working Nomads Remote Jobs

  9. Accounting Basics (Balance Sheets)

  10. How to Switch Careers with Minimal Experience

  11. Cryptocurrency and the History of Money

  12. Why Trust Is One of the Most Valuable Resources

  13. Giftivism: Reclaiming the Priceless

  14. Focus On Creating Abundance to Attract Wealth

  15. Stay Calm About Your Money Situation

  16. Upwork (Virtual Freelance Employment)

  17. How to Find Clients as a Freelancer

  18. Save Money Without Budgeting

  19. Getting Rich with Mother Nature

  20. How to Ask for What You Need

  21. Economics for Everyone

  22. Internet of Money Volume 1

  23. Internet of Money Volume 2

  24. 10 Priniciples of Burning Man

  25. Vedic Business Excellence

  26. Capitalism vs Socialism

  27. Simple Living with Mr. Money Mustache

  28. Lessons from the Intelligent Investor

  29. Ray Dalio Principles Google Talk

  30. Careers at NASA

  31. Platform Cooperative Business Model

  32. Satoshi’s Original Bitcoin Whitepaper

  33. Charles Eisenstein Sacred Economics

  34. Enlightened Negotiation

  35. Wirtland - World’s First Internet Country

  36. LearnVest How to Budget

  37. Kiva: Loans That Change Lives

10. Relationships

Healthy relationships means developing love in your heart. Use your emotional intelligence to get a better understanding of how to wrap your mind around the world we live in and the common problems we face. Learn how you can take definitive steps to get in touch with your intuition for accelerated learning so that you can set a great example and love the people around you.

  1. Learning to Listen

  2. Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

  3. Be with the Pain: It's Here to Teach You

  4. Art Therapy for Discovering Yourself

  5. Harvard’s 80 Year Happiness Study Results

  6. Emotional First Aid: Overcoming Loneliness

  7. Create Happiness from Giving

  8. Convincing Family and Friends to Lose Weight

  9. The Science of Feeling with Your Heart

  10. The Most Valuable Personality Trait

  11. How to Disagree with Someone More Powerful Than You

  12. 50 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself

  13. Overcome Fear to Keep Learning

  14. Negotiating Challenges in Relationships

  15. Ho’Oponopono: Forgiveness & Love

  16. How to Have a Spiritual Relationship: Egyptian Alchemy

  17. Be a Love Magnet by Being Better Everyday

  18. Boyz 2 Men: Rites of Passage in Modern Culture

  19. White Buffalo Calf Woman the Power of Prayer & Gratitude

  20. How to Choose Happiness

  21. The Secrets of Lasting Happiness

  22. Reexamine Your Life

  23. The Empath's Survival Guide (Psychology Today)

  24. The Connection Between You and What Happens to You (Alan Watts)

  25. School of Life Relationships

  26. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Online Course

  27. The Hero’s Path Joseph Campbell

  28. The Empath Questionnaire

  29. A Manifesto for Real Men

  30. 9 Native American Quotes About Women

  31. Let It Happen By Itself - Alan Watts

  32. Love: A Dangerous Game We Must Play - Alan Watts

  33. Tantra: The Male & Female Forms - Alan Watts

  34. Thought Vibration & The Law of Attraction

  35. Life Lessons from 100 Year Olds

  36. The Most Peaceful Prosperous Time in History with a Catch

  37. C.S. Lewis - To Love At All Cartoon Poem

  38. If You Love Someone Set Them Free Cartoon Poem

  39. 19 Truths from my 90 Year Old Grandmother

  40. Most Celebrated Poem on Death in History

11. Sex+Intimacy

People have been doing it since the dawn of time. Every culture has a perspective on it. And yet, there is an entire world to explore when it comes to deepening your ability to feel your connection to one another. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and here to inspire you to feel safe and able to trust your partner to explore with you.

  1. The Nature Inspired Ecosexual Awakening

  2. The Applied Science of Flirting

  3. How and When to Use Seduction

  4. Come As Your Are Sex Worksheets

  5. The Ancient Egyptian Sex Practice to Raise Consciousness (Ankh)

  6. Massage and Sound Therapy to Release Sexual Blocks

  7. Tantra and Kundalini Energy in a Nutshell

  8. Ladies: How to Have Full Body Orgasms

  9. Guys: How to Have Multiple Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms

  10. Yoga Poses for Premature Ejaculation and ED

  11. Acupressure for Healthy Emotions and Libido

  12. Yoga Kegels to Strengthen PC Muscles (Mula Bandha) for Sexual Stamina

  13. Massaging the PC Muscles

  14. Using Self-Control (Brahmacharya)

  15. Using Native Stem Cells for Infertile Couples & Engineering the Perfect Baby (yikes!)

  16. Tantric Orgasmic Bliss Meditation

  17. The Art of Cuddling

12. Sleep+Lucid Dreaming

Great sleep is a precursor to a great life. Dreams play an important role in culture and health. In order to remember your dreams, keep a dream journal by your bed and notice any patterns in your dreams. Lucid dreaming is a state where you become aware while dreaming and you can decide what you want to do in the dream world.

  1. The Art and Science of Optimal Sleep

  2. Tuck - The Relationship Between Healthy Weight, Nutrition & Sleep

  3. Dream Therapy for Health and Happiness

  4. Guiding Your Mind to Creative Discovery Before and After Sleep

  5. Melatonin Explained

  6. How to Sleep like a Yogi

  7. The Act of Dream Yoga

  8. A Prayer for World Healing

  9. 8 Steps to an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)

  10. Positive Affirmations for Lucid Dreaming

  11. Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming: MILD Technique

  12. Wake Back To Bed for Lucid Dreaming: WBTB Technique

  13. Lucid Dreaming FAQ

  14. National Geographic Science of Sleep

  15. Dream Yoga with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

  16. Spirit Science for Astral Projection

  17. Find Your Off Button for Rest and Recovery

  18. Ayurvedic Treatment for Insomnia

  19. Lucid Dreaming for Self-Realization

  20. Herbs for Dreaming

  21. Ten Dreams that Changed the World

  22. Chinese Medicine & the Body’s Internal Organ Clock

  23. Llewelyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming

  24. International Association on the Study of Dreams

  25. Self-Hypnosis for Meeting Your Spirit Guide in a Lucid Dream

  26. Aura Cleansing Chakra Sleep Meditation

13. Travel+Language Learning

The world is your oyster, and so is your mind. It’s funny how the more you travel the more you change, and the more that changes, the more that stays the same. You realize what matters all along is not the goal, but the journey. Learning languages makes for a great companion to travel because of the process it inspires in you to take full advantage of your experiences.

  1. The Art of Non-Conformity (Hacking Travel Miles)

  2. Teach English Abroad (TEFL)

  3. TEFL Guide + Bot

  4. Short-Term Adventure Jobs

  5. One Bag Travel (How to Pack)

  6. CIBT Visas - Fast & Secure

  7. Scott’s Cheap Flights

  8. Smart Traveller Enrollment Program (STEP)

  9. World's Best Festivals

  10. Volunteer on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

  11. Volunteer at Homes, Lodges and Farms (WorkAway)

  12. Stay with Locals for Free (Couchsurfing)

  13. Top Travel Jobs

  14. Index of the World's Written Languages

  15. 12 Rules for Learning a Foreign Language in Record Time

  16. Marty Lobdell “Study Less, Study Smart”

  17. Memory Major System

  18. Free Language Learning Resources (Fluent Forever)

  19. Huge Travel Resource Page (Vagabonding)

14. Networks

We're here to share in the evolution of humanity - you can take an active role by co-creating an all-star community locally and globally. We have streamlined the process of finding like-minded peers and mentors for you. Now you can connect with a network of friends and experts in your area and beyond.

  1. NuMundo (Transformational Experiences)

  2. Local Harvest (Organic Farmers Markets/CSAs)

  3. Organic Seed Alliance

  4. Ecstatic Dance Worldwide

  5. BookYogaRetreats

  6. Ananda Centers

  7. High Existence

  8. First Medicine-Free Hospital in the World

  9. Intentional Communities Directory (Sustainable Living Ecovillages)

  10. Memory Championships League

  11. Pachamama Alliance (Amazon Treks)

  12. Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

  13. Beckley Foundation (Psychedelic Research)

  14. The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS)

  15. CIIS College of Chinese Medicine

  16. American Botanical Council (Herbal Medicine)

  17. International College of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (ICHNFM)

  18. MIT Open Courseware (Free MIT Science Courses)

  19. US National Institutes for Health/PubMed (Free Research)

  20. Food Revolution Network

  21. National Young Farmers Coalition

  22. North American Mycological Association (Wild Mushrooms)

  23. Natural Healers Certification Network (Massage, Yoga Nutrition, Natural Medicine)

  24. Esalen Institute

  25. Tassajara Zen Center

  26. Chi Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong

  27. Keshe Foundation (Alternative Energy)

  28. Omega Institute and Retreats

  29. Sivananda Yoga Centers

  30. Spirit Rock Meditation Center

  31. Ashoka Network (Social Entrepreneurs)

  32. Singularity University Network

  33. Yoga Alliance (Accredited Yoga Schools+Studios)

  34. Bioneers (Environmental Activists)

  35. HeartMath (Stanford Research Training)

  36. Ayahuasca Forum

  37. MycoMeditations (Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy)

  38. Open Mind Trips Mushroom Forum

  39. Psychedelic Support Wellness Platform

  40. BlueLight Consciousness Safety Forum

  41. Dalai Lama Mind & Life Institute

  42. Burning Man

15. Apps

Leverage the power of technology to solve collective problems, mirroring the ecological-interdependence mindset of our shared ancestors. Technology has one job, make our lives easier. Remember that love, thought and creative spirit are what fuel this revolution.

  1. Google Drive (Cloud File Storage)

  2. Station (The App for Your Apps)

  3. PayPal (Online Payment and Invoices)

  4. GoFundMe (Raise Money)

  5. Google Earth 3D

  6. Internet Speed Test

  7. CREDO Mobile (Non-Profit Cell Phone Service)

  8. FairPhone (Ethically-Sourced Modular Phones)

  9. Flower Essence Services (Mind-Body Wellness)

  10. Freedom (Block Internet Websites Temporarily)

  11. Dock (Blockchain Account Security)

  12. Dexcom CGM System

  13. Whole Earth Catalog (Tools, Ideas, Environment)

  14. Patreon (Get Sponsored To Create)

  15. Leap (AI-Powered Job Search)

  16. Canva (Free Graphic Design Tool)

  17. Steps (Overcome Social Anxiety)

  18. WolframAlpha (Free Math Engine)

  19. FreeCodeCamp (Learn to Code)

  20. Change (Make a Legal Petition)

  21. Whole Earth Catalog (Access to Tools)

  22. Cron-o-meter (Health+Nutrition Tracker)

  23. Nutritional Ketosis Macronutrient Calculator (Weight-Loss)

  24. Environmental Working Group (Clean Living Thru Knowledge)

  25. Mint (Finance Tracker)

  26. RSA Animate (Education Cartoons)

  27. Thought Cafe (Social Justice Cartoons)

  28. Google Creatability (Design Experiments)

  29. Organic Food Delivery for $3 (Brandless)

  30. Bandcamp (Sell Your Music)

  31. Wealthfront (Finance Planner)

  32. FancyHands (Virtual Assistant)

  33. Upwork (Virtual Freelance Employment)

  34. (Automatic Meeting Scheduling)

  35. Calendly (Meeting Scheduling with Pre-Set Times)

  36. Zapier (Automate Your Workflows)

  37. Slack (Group Project Communication)

  38. Overdrive (Free Audiobooks)

  39. Instructables (Make Stuff)

  40. Meetup (Make Friends)

  41. (Make Visual Diagrams and Mindmaps)

  42. Duolingo (Language Learning)

  43. Anki (Smart Flashcards for Memory Training)

  44. Dhamma Talks (Mindfulness Talks by Monks)

  45. Headspace (Meditation)

  46. DNA Analysis Tool (FoundMyFitness)

  47. Sirius Disclosure

  48. Wavepaths (Soundscapes with Visual Art Experience)

  49. LibriVox (Free Public Domain Audiobooks)

  50. Anchor (Simple Podcast Setup)

  51. Jovian Archive Human Design

  52. Gene Keys Profile

  53. WikiMedia Commons

  54. Creative Commons Intellectual Property Licensing

  55. Library of Congress Research Service Center

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