Meditate Like a Superhero

Study the habits of Olympic athletes, elite executives, Nobel Prize winners and gurus of all time and you will more than likely come across a generous supply of meditation techniques. Observe the patterns of water, trees, and the night sky and you will find inspiration too. Listen to your heart and your dreams to find that what you need is already here.

Here you’ll get a taste of how and why to meditate. Before you go learning about what’s out there in meditation locations, it’s important to have a few pointers for how to get started. Because of the almost endless sphere of wisdom on meditation…

Start now with what’s “in here” and take notes on why you want to meditate — this can help you narrow down how to find a teacher and a set of practices that works for you.


What Meditation Is


Sit still in a cave for 50 years, and you may learn what meditation is. Tap in to your breath right now, and you may learn what meditation is. Go on a walk in the woods, listen to the wind in the trees, look up at the clouds and you may may learn what meditation is. You can replace it with words that are similar to it such as breathing, praying, focusing, sitting still, being quiet and at peace, however there is more to it that that — it involves a dedication to knowing your self and the universe that is responsible for your existence.

It is hard to define meditation, but one can be sure that: (1) you can just keep doing it until you levitate or something awesome happens and (2) it produces a state of calm, vibrant energy that allows you to be an efficient, productive and loving human being.


The Soul Awakens


Your journey in meditation is the adventure of a lifetime. In meditation, we get the opportunity to understand ourselves from a state of complete observation, where we can choose to respond to our thoughts and actions. Our minds become superchargers for creating the change in the world that we need to see, and our ability to focus on what matters most gives us the ability to gravitate the exact combination of circumstances that conveniently place us in a state of growth. Like the trees, our trunk grows stronger, roots go deeper into the foundation, and leaves spread out farther and farther creating more life for us and more air to breathe for our companions.


Tapping Into the Interdimensional Field


Get ready for hyperspace… initiate rocket boosters. Go!

According to quantum theory, it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light. Your consciousness, which exists in the realm beyond space-time is always in hyperspace. The physical world is made mostly of the three dimensions of matter. These dimensions matter to us because they are useful for navigating our bodies in space and understanding the laws of physics. The non-physical world is made up of energy (vibration) or consciousness and directly influences the appearance and characteristics of the physical world. By practicing meditation, you withdraw your senses from the physical world and tap into the energetic world of your thoughts and emotions and, beyond that, the pure realm of unity where gurus and hippies get the blissful feeling that WE ARE ONE. (And not just that all humans are one, but everything. Perhaps, if you feel it yourself you may experience a ticklish sense of dissolving that grows in intensity until all you can do is sit and feel that feeling).

Our feelings, which have a uniform vibrational signature (frequency), directly influences the structure of our DNA (source code), the bioelectrical expressions of our nervous system (chakras), and hence our overall physical health and well-being (aura/astral body). By meditating, you become aware of the patterns and laws of metaphysics that govern your true nature (spirit) that exist independently of this three dimensional hologram world illusion (maya) and how to let go of what we have been conditioned to think by our social upbringing in a form of unshackling and shedding layers and blossoming into the recognition of ourselves as merely here on earth to learn and enjoy our experience of living without judging our predispositions to like and dislikes. Tapping into the interdimensional field (by sitting quietly and allowing yourself to relax) helps you put on super groovy extrasensory glasses without needing all the LSD, and comes with the side effect of a naturally boosted IQ and immune system, not to mention being able to see the silver lining in the most challenging situations and keep smiling (you may, however, just have to accept the fact that you constantly question the truth of what you imagine to be real).


Free Your Mind


Meditation is good for you. It helps with seeing through what’s holding you back and why you are learning the lessons you are currently learning. Like many things that are good for you, it can be equally uncomfortable and rewarding. Harvard University has complied a selection of tips on mindfulness for well-being for you to explore here.


Meditation Is A Win-Win


When you meditate, you increase self-awareness. When that happens everyone else around you benefits. As vibrations permeate through space, you are able to influence more than just those people immediately surrounding you. As we all begin to collectively tap into the wealth of knowledge that rests “in our minds eye” we all benefit from one another’s discoveries and revelations. Just like invention of the book, the lightbulb and the internet, we all are contributing in small ways toward a great progression of evolution that extends beyond human beings to all beings with which we share the planet (and the universe).


The Art of Visualization


When you focus on an image, feeling, or scenario (over and over and over), you create that situation in the real world. If meditation is observing reality, visualization is creating reality. Meditation and visualization are best friends like yin and yang and peanut butter and jelly. It’s hard to imagine one without the other and most of the time, both are happening at once. Imagining a new pony for your birthday, contemplating your dream life, and devotional prayer can all be considered visualization.


A Visualization Exercise


“Distill everything to its essence and you get love. Find that space within yourself to feel love and grow love trees that bear a bountiful harvest which you share the fruits with everyone around you.”


Affirmations for Mind Control


Affirmation goes hand in hand with meditation and visualization as a way of reminding yourself to be a certain way with a mantra or phrase. It’s mind control. Get over it. You need to be able to control your mind if you are going to be a successful human being. You are re-wiring your brain. You don’t have to do it, it’s just a free upgrade offered by the universe. The choice is yours. Simple mantras include “OM” (the overall vibration of creation) and “I AM” (to confirm that in fact you do exist, in case you were having second thoughts). Longer mantras work as well, here’s an example:

“I am opening my path to new life and remembering the connection between all beings in the collective ascension to the highest dimension of existence that is pure love.”


How to Start Your Meditation Journey


First, if you want to learn anything well, it helps to find someone (a teacher) who is way better than you to help speed up your progress. Therefore, get a competent meditation teacher! It doesn’t have to be formal, just someone who inspires you with great experience that you can talk to about your challenges and aspirations.

Second, spend a minimal amount of time shopping around with philosophies (so to speak), and just ask yourself why you feel the need to meditate, and the universe will respond to your conscious thought projection, and you will experience a coincidence (synchronicity) that shows you how you can start to dive into one practice.

Third, to get the idea of what this is about, sit quietly in a comfortable position with your spine straight and observe your breathing. Naturally thoughts will come, let them go, and return to your breathing. If you like, you can imagine a warm, glowing orb of light expanding from within you in all directions. Stay calm, you’re going to be amazing at this.


Now, it’s go time.

Set aside 20 minutes a day, morning and night to get in a solid practice. Meditation is as restful as sleep, so the more you meditate the less sleep you need.


Remember that every journey begins with a single step. All you have to do is pay attention and watch for signs guiding your path.

Two resources for your meditation journey — (1) Self-Realization Fellowship (yoga community) and (2) Creative Visualization (book). The first is for friends, the second, for your imagination — both are for your practice.

If you actually read all of this, thank you and congratulations! You have a high tolerance for spiritual fluff and a deep willingness to understand the universe.


About Peter Fettis

As a Registered Yoga Teacher and and Certified Personal Trainer, Peter practices optimizing human potential as a way of life. His latest book How to Eat Well and Love Yourself dives into the practical principles of mindfulness and plant-based nutrition to give you a taste of the abundant harvest from the mind's inner garden of awareness. Peter’s vision with FlowPrana is to make waves in the current culture by rallying the wider public to recognize their inner healing power using a proactive, gentle approach.

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