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We create opportunities for yogis & leaders to learn & thrive together.


Gain valuable mind-body tools, social systems & sustainable strategies that resonate your brainwaves with your infinite potential.

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We accelerate personal awakening. Our process ranges from virtual training to live workshops to consulting engagements.


Set Your Goal

Make a plan, break down limitation & embody intuition.


Feed Your Flow

Activate your brainwaves with yoga & mindfulness tools.


Shoot for the Moon

Use key strategies to create & sustain success in life & work.

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“91% of workers at companies that support wellness say they feel motivated to do their best.” (APA)

In our immersive online Training Academy you learn powerful mind-body wellness alchemy that’s rooted in yoga, backed by neuroscience & quantum physics. Redefine your life story as you immerse in the deep work of becoming a heart-centered leader through your transformation, integration & evolution.

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Develop the skills, confidence and network you need to achieve your life goals.